Portable Printer🖨️

Introducing the Portable Printer: Your on-the-go printing solution. Print anything, anywhere with this compact and portable mini printer.


The Portable Printer can be Connected wirelessly via Bluetooth and print on the go.

Print Anything📱

Your versatile printing solution for all occasions. From school projects to work documents, lifestyle needs, and planner essentials, this mini portable printer lets you print anything you want, anytime, anywhere.

The Social Media Sensation You Can't miss out!

🌟 Don't miss out on the latest must-have gadget taking social media by storm! 🌟 Our portable printer is making waves with its ability to print anything, anywhere. From students to professionals, influencers to parents, everyone wants to get their hands on this game-changer. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless printing possibilities! #PortablePrinter #SocialMediaSensation

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Is the paper Sticky?🗞️

- Yes, the paper supplied is sticky. But there is also non-sticky

Is there a discount?🏷️

- Yes there is a discount. Right now its 25% Off and if you buy 2 Portable Printer, you get another 25% Off

which printing technology is used?⚙️

-The printing technology used is thermal printing

how high is the price range?💸

- It starts with €17,99 - 49,99€

How high are the shipping costs?🚚

- The shipping costs are 4.99€ except for orders over 50€, in which case shipping is free of charge

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